As an artist we have ideas we want to explore and experiment with. To do so, requires the assistance and collaboration of fashion designers, product merchandisers, themeists, makeup artists and models. This all costs money. So as a way of reducing costs, we all volunteer our time to work on a joint project instead.

Specific TFP project related questions are provided below to further explain the opportunity and process.

Q: What is a Project?

All our projects are TFP and are a defined by a combination of the theme title, description, wardrobe, genres and styles. We have a major project that runs the length of each year and new minor project every 2 months. We allocate 4 dates each month to work on TFP projects.

Q: What is TFP?

TFP (Time For Prints) is a term that is used to describe the exchange of everybody’s time for credit and a copy of the final images produced. People donate their time and expertise or product in exchange for a copy of the images hey can use marketing, promotion or display.

Q: What Projects do you have available?

Tenerife – Fully Booked
Maderas – Currently Open : June/July
Solstice – Currently Open : September
Rouge – 2017 (seductive avant-garde)
Linen – Future (Crisp hi-contrast)
Canvas – Future (Bodypaint)
Coventina – Future (Surfer chic)
Fierce – Future ( Gym Junkie)

Q: How do you select your models for the TFP Projects?

Normally we offer the first spots to models we have worked with previously and are a good fit for the project.. On most occasions, we publish casting call notifications on our website and Facebook account for industry contacts or new potential models. Our Facebook and Instagram account are set to private for this reason. Please send us a friend or follow request if you would like to keep informed; as we do the same for potential models we notice in Facebook and Instagram images.

Models who have demonstrated the look we are after, already have the wardrobe needed and are confident to shoot all styles and genres included in that particular project will be selected first.

Q: Do I get all the photographs taken or can I select my own?

A project is designed to create  3 or 4 key images. Usually we incorporate a few different looks are preparation or to experiment on the day. This process allows us to generate a few extra images that are of particular use to the model, MUA or designer. In all we expect to provide up to 15 images from a 2 hour TFP project shoot. All participants get copies of all these images for promotion purposes only, not for resale.

Q: What do you use the photographs for?

We believe that if one participant gets paid, all should get paid.
So every TFP project image is never for sale, all participants including our studio, are restricted in the use of the images for self promotion only.

Q: What is a model release form?

A model release is legal written agreement that describes the TFP arrangement between the model and the photographer that outlines what the images can be used for. Simply put, Muse studios will own the images and the model can use them for promotion, neither of us can resell them for profit.

It a model pays for a portrait or portfolio shoot, the model would own the images and could resell them if they so choose. If we pay a model, the roles would be reversed.

Q: What styles do you photograph?

Fashion – everyday clothes
Swimwear – boardies, togs, one piece , bikini, sarongs
Underwear – lingerie, teddies, boxer shorts, jocks
Fitness – Sports wear
Sheer –  anything see through
Implied – no clothes, bare butt in shot, breasts not and private areas not
Topless – Breasts can be seen, bottoms worn
Discrete nude – Breasts and bare butt can be seen, private areas not
Body paint – no clothes

Q: What genres do you photograph?

Alternate, Candid, Glamour, Lifestyle, Fitness, Advertorial,,Boudoir, Pinup, Artistic, Erotic

Q How do I prepare for the shoot ?

1. Confirm the shoot the day before.
2. Drink a lot of water the day before to hydrate.
3. Keep out of the sun; we are unable to shoot sunburnt models
4. If waxing, must be done only a couple of days prior.
5. Normal skin tone is recommended. Fake tans are to be done by professionals only.
6. Fingernail / Toenail polish to be is perfect or clear
7. Rest and get a good night’s sleep the day before
8. Exfoliate lips with a very soft toothbrush

Q What do I need to do on the day?

1. Plan to be early
2. Wear baggy clothing – no underwear, as this will only mark the skin
3. Bring the wardrobe and props previously selected and agreed upon (cleaned & ironed)
4. Bring towel, skin shine (body oil), etc.
4. Bring all shoot information.
5. Bring a light snack and bottled water
6. Bring phone