Q: I’ve never done a photoshoot before and I’m SUPER nervous. Is that ok ?

Yes. Every client, from novice to experienced seasoned professional models feels at least a little anxious before a shoot, in fact, it is normally a mixture of nerves and excitement. The key is to ask questions about everything that you are unsure about so you are fully informed and aware of what is involved. Once the shoot begins, and we start off slow, the nerves subside and confidence takes over. A big part of the overall enjoyment is the buzz that is generated throughout the shoot. When the time comes to wrap up, most clients feel disappointed and want to keep going.

Q: Who will be there when I am photographed?

On almost all occasions only the photographer will be present on set during the shoot.  A makeup artist, hair stylist or fashion assistant may be there prior to and in between wardrobe changes to assist. On some location based shoots, a lighting assistant may be present during the photoshoot.

Q: Who will see my photographs?

All photographs that are provided as part of the collection package you select from are loaded on our secure website with password access only by you and the photographer. None of the shots we take as part of a paid commission are put on display without written client consent. Any non purchased collection images are permanently deleted while those selected from the provided collection are archived for 12 months. Only images from out themed TFP projects are displayed on our website.

Q: Do I have to pose topless or nude?

No. You can wear as much or as little as you like.

Q: Will you edit and retouch the photos?

We do a basic edit on all shots to balance light and contrast, cropping, and occasionally some minor fixes to remove slight bumps, lines, or even little bulges that may appear due to certain poses or clothing.  We focus mostly on using wardrobe, posing and lighting to ensure the image looks like YOU, at your best.  Selective shots are professionally retouched using state of the are fashion software to enhance the image concept without detracting from the overall concept.

Q: Do you have props and wardrobe I can use?

The wardrobe and any specific theme props are brought by our clients. We can however assist with clothe selection, advise in regard to what would work from your current wardrobe and what you may want to invest in to improve the look of the final results.

Q: Will I get hair and makeup with the shoot?

Hair and makeup is included as part of our paid packages.

Q: Where do we shoot?

We work at a variety of locations across the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast. We have Sunshine Coast based studio with specialised portrait lighting available. Alternatively, we are available to shoot offsite at locations such as a clients home, luxurious apartments, secluded beaches, tranquil forests, industrial areas, private parks, abandoned buildings and are happy to discuss other potential locations you may have in mind.

Q: Can I bring a friend to my session?

We prefer you don’t, due to insurance requirements and possible distraction. Since clients tend to feel awkward and self conscious with an audience.

Q: I have a friend who’d also like to do a shoot. Can we do a shoot together?

Unfortunately no. We only work with one client at a time and do a maximum of 2 package shoots per day.  Our work is very personal and specific to each client’s body type and personality.  We require focused one-on-one time with each client to ensure we develop the rapport and trust required to bring out the unique beauty and personality of each client.

Q: How long will it take for my photos to be ready?

Package images are the priority and should be ready to view within two weeks of the shoot. Project images are ready to view within four weeks of the shoot.