We believe that photography is the business of capturing unique stories using photographs as the catalyst. It is our honor to assist people in expressing themselves by gently pealing back the layers imposed by society’s pressures to reveal the person they truly believe themselves to be.

Learning the technical aspects of photography is easy, but having “the eye” is not something that can be taught overnight. Some are gifted with it, for others it takes time, patience and practice. Either way, it is about the moment, being observant, thinking ahead, good timing and experience.

We will lightly direct you through the process so that when all the elements come together, that good shoot becomes a great shoot. We know how to encourage, relax and even sometimes tease the beauty and confidence out of each person, especially those that might feel slightly inhibited or not photogenic. Through our professional advice and direction, the outcome is always successful and the experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

All of our finished images are balanced for contrast, exposure and composition. Selected images are further enhanced through high end fashion industry retouching to remove distracting elements and highlight the features you are most proud of.


Portraits – customised individual studio or event photoshoots
Portfolios – tailored model/actor specific professional packages
Projects – theme based collaborative photoshoots